Upload two lists you want to compare in the left box, either by dragging and dropping or selecting through your file system.
In the box to the left, you can upload an optional mapping file such you can skip the mapping part.

Upload two BOMS in CSV format

Drag two BOMS to this drop zone.


Mapping file

Drag up to one map file to this drop zone.


Please select the correct mapping

Left side is bom1 and right side is bom2

Change Matnr description price quantity werk Matnr description price quantity werk

Information about BOM compare

BOM compare is a tool assisting you in comparing lists. Bom compare helps in comparing Bill Of Materials. Any two lists starting with a header and followed by rows can be compared.

How to use

There are three steps to compare your list.
The first step is uploading two CSV files. The following criteria for the files are as follows:

If your files follow those criteria when you can upload the files.
It is only possible to compare two files at a time!

Following error was returned.